Play With Anyone Anytime – Two Truths and a Lie

January 18, 2017


This is such an amazing game, especially for couples. It’s incredibly easy to play and the instructions on the website is clear and simple. I first played Two truths and a lie with my boyfriend and we had so much fun, it actually brought us closer together. We were able to see how much we actually know about each other, even down to the dirty little secrets we both had, it all came out in this game and they were no longer secrets anymore. It also made us realize how competitive we both were, trying to beat each other’s high scores. I ensure that I post my high scores all the time to my social media to brag about my winning streak.
truths and lie


I told my best friend about this app and about a week later she started talking to this cute guy in her class and coincidentally, he knew about the game as well and they both started playing together using the mobile app. She was constantly hooked on her phone playing this game with him and she was able to tell me immediately how they both realized how much they learned about one another and how similar they were. Today they have been actually dating for a few months now. This trendy game is almost like a low key dating site. All it needs now is a chat room to really get things heated with this section. I will be looking out for that. May even be the new tinder.

I also love the variety this app gives. We can choose a trivia that sparks our individual interests and also test our knowledge in those particular interests. Whether it’s about world news, celebrities, medicine/health food, books/novels or movies. I love that there is a section where I can add my own truths and lies in the same trivia section. Also, I can post my high scores to Facebook and everyone sees how awesome this game is. The game also taught me through the medicine trivia section, even about the subjects I studied over the years, such as the medicine category. I found out some new truths and facts about particular topics that sparked my interest.

This app is also perfect for long distance couples or friends to play while apart, it’s a very good way to bond and keeps in touch. My best friend and I played for hours and hours and through this game, we have learned so much more about one another. I felt we have become closer especially when I found out some shocking truths about her.

The Harry Potter trivia was my favorite. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and the trivia was a good challenge but extremely fun. I just love how the makers of this app had a spot for the major Harry Potter fans. I made sure and added some of my own Harry Potter knowledge to that trivia category.

50 Shades of Grey

October 2, 2016

“Fifty shades of Grey” what is the meaning behind the 50 in the title? Does this number mean how many choices we have in between white and black, truth and lies, right and wrong? Or was it just a random number chosen by an author to create buzz such as this. If you heard the term “50 Shades of Grey” for a book title what would you think? Maybe the book is about someone with many characteristic or talents. Maybe it is about an artist journey or even a memoir of an adventurous human being (could be a physical adventure or a business man who is a risk taker).

50 Shades of Grey actual meaning

But it never occurred to me this book has anything to do with erotica. Never! Therefore, imagine my surprise when watching the movie with the family thinking I was in for a romantic emotional thriller even after watching the trailer. As for you who have read the book, you must be overjoyed to see such a book adapted. Well, I’m sure adaptations were accrued but just not in mainstream media if you know what I mean.

Read the Fifty Shades of Grey full text online.

Latest 2016 Harry Potter book and more….

May 25, 2016

The newest edition to the Harry Potter franchise – Harry Potter and the cursed child of course by the one and only J.k. Rowling. But not only is a synopsis out which can be caught above but this is the first harry potter book to be made into a play. Unfortunately there would not be a movie for the cursed child but we are getting a live play so we haven’t lost out. On the other hand Fantastic beast will be 3 movies so we have that to look forward to. You can find that tweet on reading sanctuary. So on July, 31st we can be ready for a new version of not only a classic book release but according to the synopses – a older and more mature Harry Potter its his family we have to worry about this time…

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