50 Shades of Grey

“Fifty shades of Grey” what is the meaning behind the 50 in the title? Does this number mean how many choices we have in between white and black, truth and lies, right and wrong? Or was it just a random number chosen by an author to create buzz such as this. If you heard the term “50 Shades of Grey” for a book title what would you think? Maybe the book is about someone with many characteristic or talents. Maybe it is about an artist journey or even a memoir of an adventurous human being (could be a physical adventure or a business man who is a risk taker).

50 Shades of Grey actual meaning

But it never occurred to me this book has anything to do with erotica. Never! Therefore, imagine my surprise when watching the movie with the family thinking I was in for a romantic emotional thriller even after watching the trailer. As for you who have read the book, you must be overjoyed to see such a book adapted. Well, I’m sure adaptations were accrued but just not in mainstream media if you know what I mean.

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