Fifty Shades Freed

In Fifty Shades freed Ana and Christian Gray obtain married and go on honeymoon in Europe.

Christian’s acquisition of SIP goes through, and he tells Ana that he wants her to ultimately run business.

When Christian is out of community on a business travel, Ana creeps out to have drinks with Kate. The safety team captures Jack and has him apprehended, however Christian is furious with Ana for slipping out (freed).
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Christian surprises Ana by inviting Kate, Elliot, Mia, and Ethan to all go on getaway in Aspen, Colorado. Elliot suggests to Kate at a dining establishment in front of all their buddies.

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Ray is badly hurt in an automobile accident with a drunk vehicle driver, however manages to make a complete rehabilitation.

Ana finds out that she is pregnant considering that her birth control fired ran out early and she missed 4 sessions with Dr. Greene. When she informs Christian, he abandons her. He looks for Dr. Flynn, but instead locates himself at Elena’s hair salon. He later gets back drunk. Ana worries that their marriage is on the stones(fifty shades freed).

Later in 50 shades Jack is bailed out of prison by an unknown event (later revealed to be Elena’s ex-husband, Mr. Lincoln). Jack and his associate (exposed to be Elizabeth Morgan) medication and abduct Mia and hold her for a $5 million buck ransom. Ana has the ability to outsmart Jack and saves Mia’s life, but is hurt while doing so. Later on, Ana discovers that Jack wished retribution versus Christian for taking SIP far from him. Elizabeth at some point feels guilty for her component in Jack’s unlawful acts and willingly affirms against him to the police.

At the hospital, Christian is disturbed with Ana for jeopardizing both her and their child’s life, but asks forgiveness for walking out on her. Christian ultimately opens up to Ana concerning his childhood in Detroit and his connection with Elena.

In the Epilogue, Anastasia and Christian have a boy Theodore and are anticipating their 2nd child, a child they call Phoebe. Kate and Elliot wed and have actually a little girl called Ava.

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